Leyform and environmental policies

Eco-sustainable chairs, armchairs and sofas

Environmental and eco-sustainable policies

Environmental issues

Leyform has for some years been paying constant attention to environmental issuessedie e poltrone riciclabiliand has embraced eco-sustainability. It offers its customers office and community seating with solutions that are the result of research into materials and processes aimed at ensuring a purchase that causes the least environmental impact during and at the end of their life cycle. The production process has been awarded the ISO 9001:2008 quality certificate and the ISO 14001:2004 environmental certificate; Leyform believes that correct management of environmental issues is a strategic factor for the sustainable development of the business and takes into consideration its effects on the environment.

Our philosophy

Protecting the environment and people's health is an important commitment for Leyform. That is why our chairs comply with the most stringent national and international standards for safety and for environmental protection and sustainability.

The initial idea

Leyform sostenibilita' e ambienteThe initial idea starts with the reuse over the years of the materials that make up our office, waiting and congress chairs; only in this way can the production be environmentally friendly. To achieve this, Leyform reduces waste and consequent disposal to a minimum.

Wide use is made of materials such as polypropylene, polyurethane, polyamide, steel and aluminium for all the component elements of Leyform community and office seating - especially metal parts, armrests and mechanisms. All these materials are universally recognized as recyclable.

Also when it comes to the upholstery Leyform uses fi bres obtained completely from recycled yarns; in addition the use of numerically controlled machines to cut the covers ensures that waste is reduced to a minimum.

Leyform complies with the latest international agreements to limit and reduce the so-called "greenhouse gases" in view of the environmen-tal alarm, the aim being to counter the global warming of our planet.

The timber that Leyform uses comes solely from controlled plantations, where the felled trees are regu-larly replaced, and not from the felling of rain forests such as the Amazon Forest.

Leyform pays great attention to the Cradle to Cradle philosophy, in other words the approach to design that consists of adapting industrial models to those of nature; this means converting production processes so that the materials used are similar to natural elements that must therefore be regenerated.

Philosophy, actions and conduct

Leyform sedie e poltrone ecosostenibiliLeyform's philosophy, actions and conduct are the manifestation of these strategic and operating decisions, which take on concrete form in our objectives.

To strive for satisfaction of the parties concerned (customers, employees and suppliers) by achieving the goals that please everyone, such as increase in employment, better salaries, less absenteeism and less disputes with employees, constant reduction in the number of complaints, high level of customer satisfaction and partnership agreements with suppliers.

To do all that is necessary to ensure that all the activities meet legal requirements and comply with all local, national and international regulations and laws in force that govern environmental protection.

To favour - in the choices of project and selection of suppliers - the use of raw materials and components having ever less environmental impact, encouraging recycling and reuse.

To pursue the constant reduction in the environmental impact of its own production activities; this entails constant monitoring to prevent accidents in the workplace through control and action plans, which include the continual adaptation/modernisation of the systems and machinery as well as personnel training.

To place seating and furnishing accessories on the market which offer a high quality and ergonomic level and less environmental impact, in compliance with current laws and standards, all with an eye to the technological developments in the sector.

Ideas / Project

Environmental issues

Thanks to constant attention to environmental issues, Leyform has embarked on the path of eco-sustainability to offer its customers chairs, armchairs and sofas with solutions resulting from research into materials and processes that guarantee a purchase with the lowest environmental impact during and at the end of the their life cycle.

ISO 9001 e ISO 14001 certificate

The production process use ISO 9001: 2015 certification for quality ISO 14001: 2004 for environment; Leyform considers the correct management of environmental issues as a strategic factor for the sustainable development of the company and takes its environmental effects into consideration.

People's health

For Leyform, protecting the environment and people's health is an important commitment. This is why our community chairs, office armchairs and waiting sofas comply with the strictest national and international regulations, both in terms of safety, ergonomics and environmental protection and sustainability.

Sustainable production process

The basic idea starts from the reuse of the row-materials that are part of our office armchairs, stackable community chairs and waiting sofas; it is only in this way that production can go hand by hand with eco-sustainability. To do this, Leyform tries to reduce waste along the entire production process and their consequent disposal to a minimum.

Customer and environment satisfaction

The search for customer satisfaction and respect for the environment are at the center of our action through the continuous adaptation of production processes. Products and ecological processes, rapid and innovative action, flexibility and, last but not least, respect for the characteristics for executive and task armchairs, community chairs and waiting sofas are the basis of all Leyform actions.

Legal requirements

All involved activities in the production of executive and task chairs, community chairs and waiting sofas meet the legal requirements and at the same time guarantee compliance with all local, national and international low in force that regulate environmental protection.

CO2 reduction in the atmosphere

Carbon dioxide (also called CO2) is a natural gas composed of 2 oxygen atoms and 1 carbon atom; together with methane, ozone and water vapor, it is also one of the major causes of the so-called greenhouse effect. Leyform is committed to the adoption of padding and polyurethanes produced without the use of CO2 during the expansion process.

Climate warming

Leyform meets to and respects the most recent international agreements, for the limitation and reduction of the so-called "greenhouse gases" with the aim of contrasting the climatic warming of our planet, characterized in general by the increase in global average temperature and by atmospheric phenomena it associated.

Leyform e' certificata UNI EN ISO 9001 2015