Production of office, community and waiting sofas

Leyform, wisdom and tradition at the service of ergonomics

Modern task chairs in terms of design and functionality

Leyform, sedie e poltrone - stabilimento Colle Umberto TV

Leyform, our history, our experience

The company was founded in 1970, with the main objective of developing and producing task chairs and executive armchairs for the office, stackable chairs and benches for community areas, sofas for waiting areas and stackable tables, starting from technological and ergonomic research. The final result is a cutting-edge seating in terms of design and functionality, which perfectly integrates into the office, community and waiting environments.

The company, which started operating in the office world, has gradually focused its efforts also in the community, home, waiting and contract world, coming to produce furnishings that can meet every need of the public and private sectors, offering the best seating solution for all types of use.

Via Sandro Pertini 1 - 31014 Colle Umberto (TV) - Italy

The factory located in Colle Umberto (Treviso) houses the manufacturing of office chairs, community and waiting sofas; it also includes the shipping department and administrative / sales offices.

Leyform community chairs, office seating and waiting sofas - headquarters

A cutting-edge company

The structure is equipped with high-tech equipment for cutting covers (rubber, leather and fabric), and houses the sewing, upholstery, assembly, test and packaging departments.

Leyform produces chairs on an industrial scale with craftsmanship attention


Leyform is constantly involved in the development of new office armchairs, stackable chairs as well as sofas with the aim of responding to the demands of the office, community and waiting areas world.

Leyform is constantly involved in the development of new chairs for the community, waiting area, office


In order to give a 5-year warranty on the mechanical parts of the executive and presidential armchairs, waiting sofas and chairs for the community, all our models undergo severe tests in order to respect the main international standards.

Leyform guarantees 5 years for community, waiting and office seating

Leather origin and environmental protection

The purpose of tanning is to preserve the leather keeping it resistant, elastic, waterproof and soft over time. At Leyform, all leathers are of the highest quality and give the armchair an antique and prestigious touch.

Leyform leathers come from tanneries that operate in full compliance with environmental protection regulations

Top quality fabrics

All Leyform yarns are designed for intensive use, and therefore with a Martindale rub test that always exceeds 50,000 cycles; this particular test is used to analyze the resistance of fabrics and leathers (natural or synthetic) to the wear of time.

All Leyform fabrics are antibacterial and easily sanitized

Attention to detail

All Leyform office chairs, chairs for the community and waiting sofas are characterized by finishes with attention to all details so as to be considered an object that wishes to be in the center of the room to be admired.

Leyform office armchairs, chairs for the community and waiting sofas are characterized by finishes with attention to the smallest details

Furnishing with Leyform seats

The seats are designed to fit the most varied furnishings: classic, contemporary, minimal, industrial, etc. All environments can be decorated with style by choosing Leyform armchairs and chairs.

All the seats are suitable for contemporary, minimal, classic, industrial furniture


Our philosophy

Wisdom and tradition of the Italian industry

Leyform grants a 5-year guarantee on chairs, armchairs, sofas

Quality assurance

5-year Leyform warranty

To ensure top quality and a 5-year warranty on all mechanical parts, chairs for the community, sofas and waiting benches as well as executive and presidential leather armchairs for offices undergo many severe tests in order to comply with the main international standards such as UNI -EN 1335 and ANSI / BIFMA (for the USA market) carried out in the most successful laboratories such as CATAS and LGA.

Leyform produce sedie e poltrona con capacita' artigianale

Technical skills

Technology and manual skills

Leyform is continuously involved in the design and development of new leather armchairs for the office, stackable chairs for multipurpose rooms and the community, as well as sofas for waiting areas that are the result of research aimed at optimizing the technique and ergonomics of the seat with the purpose of answering new requests coming from the office, community and waiting world.

Leyform produces eco-friendly chairs and armchairs with recycled and recyclable components

Environmental sustainability

Sustainable environment research

The primary goal of Sustainable Environment Research (SER) is to develop and produce eco-friendly seating associated with sustainable environmental science and technology that contribute to improving environmental practice. The scope of Leyform's SER includes issues of environmental science, technology, management and related natural resources fields.


Max daily production

Square meters of factory

Customers all over the world

Quality management certification

ISO 9001:2015

The Quality Management System - also called QMS - is a collection of documented processes, policies and procedures and records . This set of documents defines the internal rules that indicate how the company creates and provides a product or service to customers. ISO 9001 is the international standard for Quality Management Systems (QMS), published by the ISO (International Organization for Standardization).

The ISO 9001 standard is designed to be used by organizations of any size or sector; as an international standard, many companies consider it as a minimum pre-requisite for their suppliers.


LKeyform quality management certification ISO 9001

Environmental Management Certification

ISO 14001:2015

An ISO 14001 environmental management system consists of policies, processes, plans, practices and records that define the rules that guide the company's interaction with the environment. This system must be tailor-made for each company as each individual company has the legal requirements and environmental interactions that exactly coincide with the specific business processes.

This regulation has the advantage of being easily integrated with other management systems in compliance with specific standards such as ISO 9001.


Leyform - Certificazione ambientale Iso 14001