Chairs made with 100% recycled plastic developed to combat climate change

Companies that operate in such a way as to minimize the impact on the environment no longer see words such as circular economy or sustainability as an added value but as an integral part of their being. Concerning this, polypropylene is a type of plastic which is present in the daily life of all of us: it is used for glasses, cutlery, bottles, food packaging. For several years, Leyform has been producing plastic components for chairs, stools, sofas and tables from recycled materials. Read more...

These elements are made up of a mix that includes post-industrial regenerated polymers as well as post-consumer recycled polymers that are transformed to achieve constant quality performance and structural strength over time. Sustainability, sturdiness, comfort are intrinsically linked, to obtain comfortable seats which are made of materials aimed at safeguarding our planet. Leyform is a small, great sustainable revolution in design and materials aimed at the circular economy, which aims to use recycled plastic that is melted and re-worked to build a new seat. With this principle, the creative process of the chairs can be practically infinite: at the end of the life cycle, the chair produced is in fact recyclable again.

Chairs for outdoor conferences, didactics and seminars


Indoor and outdoor chair made with recycled plastic

In conceiving the 4-legged plastic chair for outdoor use Greta, Leyform adopted 100% recycled polypropylene which guarantees quality performance, durability and stability over time. Greta, an eco-friendly seat with a sustainable design which has been designed for indoor and outdoor residential or collective environments, such as kitchen, bedroom, terrace, garden, poolside or open spaces for holding conferences, congresses and seminars.



Eco-sustainable and recyclable chair for conventions, congresses and conferences

The most appreciated and most requested community chair is now available with 100% recycled and recyclable plastic seat and back. The design of the clean and essential structure combined with the availability of accessories - such as the folding writing tablet, linking device, trolley to carry stacked chairs - makes LaMia a multifunctional chair which is suitable for furnishing conference, conventions, congresses, seminars, courses and training rooms.

Recyclable plastic chairs with folding desk for multipurpose and teaching rooms
Eco-friendly plastic monocoque chair for training room, teaching, conference and convention designed for the circular economy


Eco-friendly monocoque chair for training room, teaching, conference and convention designed for the circular economy

The Ocean family chair for education, training room, convention and conference room consists of a monocoque made of 100% recycled and recyclable plastic with an geometrically minimal and ergonomic design and at the same time modular as all its parts are attached to each other without the use of screws so that they can be easily separated at the end of their life and initiated into the circular economy.


Recycled almost-virgin polypropylene

LaMia and Greta chairs adopt new generation polypropylene entirely made using durable and resource-rich recycled fibers; the final result is a plastic material with characteristics that are equal to virgin plastic. The CO2 emissions of recycled plastic chairs LaMia and Greta are almost 98% less than those of virgin plastics and offer significant water savings. Read more...

With the aim of facing the problem of plastic use and consequently the climate emergency, for the next few years the project on the circular economy introduced at European level plans to favor all initiatives aimed at the circular economy by drastically reducing - and in some cases eliminating - the use of disposable plastics by promoting investments for the renewal of materials and production techniques aimed at reusing plastic materials.

Leyform, thinking green for the planet

Plastic waste recycling benefits climate change; globally, for every ton of plastic recycled every year, 3.5 billion barrels of oil could be saved and 2 tons of CO2 emissions reduced. The production of virgin plastic requires huge resources, from the extraction of oil, to refining and transformation into plastic material; the creation of chairs for waiting rooms and offices that integrate virgin plastic components therefore entails CO2 emissions that contribute to the increase in the temperature of our planet and consequent acceleration of climate change.

  • Leyform uses recycled polypropylene for the production of plastic components for community, waiting and office seating.
  • The regenerated polymers are of post-industrial origin as well as post-consumer recycled ones; these are transformed until they reach performance of quality and structural strength over time.
  • Greta - an eco-friendly seat that cares about our planet - has been designed for indoor and outdoor environments such as terraces, gardens, poolside or outdoor areas where conferences, conventions and seminars are held.
  • LaMia adopts 100% recycled plastic seat and backrest; it is a multifunctional eco-sustainable chair suitable for conferences, conventions, congresses, seminars.
  • The plastic used for the LaMia and Greta community chairs has characteristics which are equal to virgin. The CO2 emissions generated in the production of LaMia and Greta are 98% less than those of virgin plastics.