Leyform, Chairs and armchairs made with manual skill and precision

for over 50 years. Know-how, wisdom and tradition

Our knowledge for a long-lasting comfort

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Stackable chairs, sofas for waiting areas and executive leather armchairs

Creating chairs for conference rooms, sofas to welcome guests before a meeting or armchairs for a presidential or executive design office represent for Leyform a continuous challenge and a mission at the same time. Ensuring a comfortable wait before a meeting, a correct posture during working hours in front of a laptop or pc or while taking notes during a conference, congress or seminar are the basis of our industrial philosophy.

All this translates into ...
poltrone per area attesa dal design moderno

Craftsmanship and experience

for executive chairs and armchairs
modern design task chairs made with craftsmanship

chairs with great visual impact

according to the most modern design
divani di design per sala attesa dalle imbottiture morbide e confortevoli

Comfortable padding

to ensure maximum comfort

Craftsmanship and know-how for executive armchairs

Manual skills have always been considered man's ability to build using his own hands and imagination, using tools and materials. So why is manual skill important? Because the intellectual, cognitive and sensory development of each man is connected to his hands and experience is born from it. The Leyform office, community and waiting chairs have always incorporated the craftiness of those who have always made upholstery with passion and tradition.

Building from the hands design sofas and lounge chairs

Today we live in the society of things: objects dominate us and we constantly surround ourselves with them. For some time now, we have been projected into the world of information technology and we?re no longer taught how to build with our own hands. For over 60 years, Leyform has been producing stackable chairs, armchairs, sofas and stools with the manual skills of the original upholsterer using modern experience, tools and technologies to create design seats that incorporate passion and craftsmanship.

Tradition and materials at the service of comfort and ergonomics

Learning to build chairs, armchairs and sofas with your own hands means drawing your own ideas in the physical world. Technical labs are disappearing in schools; we are trying to bring everyone to computerization, abandoning the physical world for the virtual one. Leyform - manufacturer of chairs for the community, sofas for waiting room furniture, stools for bar counters as well as armchairs for executive and task workstations - combines tradition, materials and manual skills to create seats at the service of the man.